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Lifestyle Education That Empowers

At Bon Health we believe that illness is an imbalance of the whole person – body, mind and spirit – rather than simply a physical disorder or a random isolated event. We believe all persons have innate powers of healing themselves.

 Wellness is made simple as we grow in self-awareness, get back to nature and learn to hack the obstacles of modern living. We are here to show you how. Nutrition is often the best place to start when we want to improve our health. However, Holistic Nutrition implies that we consider the impact of other lifestyle choices as well. Explore our 5 Pillar philosophy to transforming health through Nutrition and Lifestyle Education.

Eat Real Food

Between the harvest and your fork, the less we do to our food the more nutritionally sound it stays.

Let your taste buds and the fresh ingredients of the season guide you.

Tracy Garrigan Bon Health


Bon Health Tracy Garrigan

Think Good Thoughts

Learning mindfulness can dramatically change the trajectory of our health and happiness.

We are not just what we eat. We are also what we think, feel and choose.


Move Your Body

Movement is medicine.

Finding a plan that is both joyful and strategic can increase energy now while preserving our vitality and independence as we age.

Tracy Garrigan Bon Health


Tracy Garrigan Bon Health

Sleep Like a Boss

Fatigue and hormonal imbalance are epidemic in modern society.

Turn your home into a sanctuary that truly nourishes and restores the mind, body and soul of all inhabitants.


Love Your World

Connect with a community that cares.

Embrace your connection with nature to deepen your healing and become a steward of this planet for generations to come.

Tracy Garrigan Bon Health