How does nutritional coaching work?

Coaching builds awareness, empowers you with educated choices, builds confidence and promotes lasting change. Each session is focused on one small piece of a bigger goal as you progress step-by-step through your customized program.

How does this differ from working with a Registered Dietician?

Registered Dietitians are overseen by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and must therefore follow a certain set of guidelines in terms of the recommendations they can make to patients. While this ensures a certain level of standard practice, it leaves less room for individualized support and does not take into account the non-dietary aspects of life that facilitate or prevent healing (such as anxiety about work, lack of sleep or adequate hydration, or time for relaxation).

What is a Lifestyle Educator?

A doctor might suggest you work with a Lifestyle Educator to learn how to implement the diet and lifestyle portion of your care plan. A Lifestyle Educator takes a holistic approach and may address a variety of issues that influence health including stress management. Together we address and transform the lifestyle choices that contribute to cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and blood sugar dysfunction, metabolic syndrome, obesity, gastrointestinal health, autoimmune disorders, osteoporosis, hormonal imbalance, mood issues and more.

Do you accept health insurance?

We do not currently accept insurance for services at Bon Health or Velocity. However, Sayana Medical Integrative Care and Sport & Spine Rehabilitation Center do accept most insurances for services provided by Tracy Garrigan. Please check with your provider or call these offices directly regarding co-pays, fees and scheduling.

How long will it take to see results?

The results of this work are contingent upon an individual’s health profile, readiness for change and devotion to the program. You will find the perfect pace for you as we move through it together step by step. Small changes over time add up to big results and are more sustainable.

What can I expect at the consultation?

The consultation allows for us to establish a trusting relationship. We review your health history and current health profile. You have a chance to discuss your goals and share what has or hasn’t worked for you before. You will learn more about how Tracy Garrigan and her program works, the science and philosophy behind it and discuss what it would be like to apply a holistic strategy to your nutrition and health concerns. Expect key takeaways and follow up notes.

Where do we begin?

The first session will allow us to design your custom menu plan and program outline together. We will also agree upon what changes will be most effective and easiest for you to implement. You can expect two or three experiments to apply as “homework.”

What do we discuss at subsequent sessions?

Be ready to discuss how these changes feel. Are they not as easy as you expected or are you ready for more? The magic isn’t in the program itself- it’s in your ability to execute and enjoy it! Compliance is key. Because you are being asked to make behavior changes, you can expect some degree of mental and emotional resistance as well as questions or obstacles that one faces when trying to put their plan into motion. These issues must be exposed and resolved for progress. Some of them run deeper than expected stemming from a negative mindset, fear and other emotional obstacles. These sessions allow for a judgment free space to overcome old patterns that no longer serve you.

Can the program design change?

Yes! A program is only as good as your ability to achieve it. Perhaps you see travel in your future and you worry about compliance. Maybe you join a gym and you’ll need more nourishment to support an increase in physical activity. Our work must remain flexible and adjust to life’s demands. We are here to continuously monitor your progress and adjust your plan as needed to ensure ongoing success.